The Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit

Give your child the best start in life – applications open December 6, 2023.



The Best Education Is Within Reach

The Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit offers a refundable income tax credit of $5,000-$7,500 per student, which can help cover tuition and fees for eligible private schools in Oklahoma. 

Applications Open

December 6, 2023

Priority Applications Due

February 5, 2024*

*to receive preference for low-income families


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What People Are Saying

Oklahoma parents and guardians are sharing their stories after applying for the Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit—and the benefits they already see for their children.

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“The tax credit will ultimately help our granddaughter stay in her school, which is necessary for her special needs and is the only school we have found that addresses her learning differences! The financial aid that she will receive will help out immensely as her father is disabled & has limited resources!”

– Jenny, Oklahoma Grandparent

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“I pray everyday this tax credit becomes available to ALL Oklahomans who need a different way to learn. Public education works for some, but there are also many who need different services that many public schools do not provide. Providing this tax credit for ALL Oklahoma children means you are saying yes to children who need a different way of learning.”

- Jacee, Oklahoma Parent


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“By giving more funding per student in the state aid formula and parents more freedom to choose the public school that best meets their family’s needs, we are moving things in a positive direction for Oklahoma education.”

- Rep. Kyle Hilbert

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