2021 Solutions

Establishing a foundation for improving education in Oklahoma for all students.

2021 was a transformative year for education in Oklahoma.

In 2021, we focused on unlocking the door to better education and better opportunities for Oklahoma students. The school year continued to look different for Oklahoma students than in pre-pandemic years, leaving frustrated parents seeking the right school options for their children while navigating complicated school transfer and school funding processes.

We believe students and their families should feel empowered to take advantage of any options within Oklahoma's education environment to receive an education that meets their needs. We empowered parents by focusing on educating them about two featured legislative solutions and by connecting them to Digital Wallet grants.


Right School, Right Opportunity

Right School, Right Opportunity was inspired by reviewing the education landscape we have known for a very long time – one where students are assigned a school based on the ZIP code they live within. If the assigned school was not the best fit for a student, their family would go through a discouraging transfer process where they could be denied a transfer without regard to the student’s needs.

With the passage of the transformative education solution in 2021, Oklahoma students and their families are more empowered than ever to choose a school that best fits their needs, giving them every opportunity to succeed now and in the future.

  Senate Bill 783 Details

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Accurate Funding for Our Students

Accurate Funding for Our Students established more accurate real-time funding that follows the student through their K-12 school journey.

This change transforms the way funding has traditionally been provided to districts, ensuring Oklahoma students receive an excellent education no matter where they go.

Additionally, this solution incentivizes school districts to take in new students if they have room, especially when their district can provide the tailored support that the student may need for long-term academic success.

  House Bill 2078 Details

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What People Are Saying

Oklahoma parents, students, educators, business/community leaders and legislators knew the facts and worked to support these common-sense solutions.

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“Oklahoma is operating under a few outdated and restrictive policies that are negatively impacting our kids. As parents, we should be aware of and upset about these policies, and we should want and demand change.”

– Taurean Duhart, Stillwater Parent


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“The ability to choose the school that works best for your child is a right all parents should have. We need a new and improved transfer policy that opens up more of this opportunity and provides support for our students in these challenging times.”

- Ron Causby, Owasso Parent

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“By giving more funding per student in the state aid formula and parents more freedom to choose the public school that best meets their family’s needs, we are moving things in a positive direction for Oklahoma education.”

- Rep. Kyle Hilbert

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