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Over $100M of funding allocated for Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit disbursed to priority applicants

Over $100M of funding allocated for Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit disbursed to priority applicants


Oklahoma Parents for Student Achievement is thrilled to share an update highlighting the success of the Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit in its inaugural year. More families in Oklahoma now have access to a high quality education for their students thanks to the program, which has helped limit or remove the barrier of tuition cost. 

As of May 29, 2024, the program reached its $150 million limit for tax year 2024. Of the funds disbursed, approximately $101 million, or more than two-thirds, went to priority applicants – meaning the majority of those who received the tax credit were those who needed it most.

“OPSA ran a six-week media campaign alerting Oklahoma parents to the availability of the tax credit. Our greatest hope was that as much of the funding as possible would go to the students who need it most. Our aspirations have been far exceeded by the result of $101 million going to families in the priority bracket,” said OPSA Executive Director Laura Hendrix. 

A total of 36,000 applications were submitted. Of those, 16,700 represented Oklahoma families in the priority income bracket and 11,000 were non-priority. There were 5,600 applicants that did not get approved due to the program reaching its funding capacity, highlighting the need across the state. 

“Being able to walk alongside families as they navigate applying for the tax credit and selecting a school that best fits their student’s needs, as well as working with private schools on communicating with families has been inspiring! Hearing how their children are thriving and receiving pictures of students who are full of joy is my ‘why’ and makes me excited about the possibilities that are open for all Oklahoma children - the freedom to choose!” said OPSA Director of Parent Services Lucia Frohling. 

Of the 16,700 priority applications approved, 7,900 were households earning less than $75,000, and 8,800 were households earning between $75,001-$150,000. Our team at OPSA is ecstatic that more families across the state will have the freedom and access to schools that fit their needs and give their child the best start in life, regardless of tuition costs. 

”Crossover Preparatory Academy has seen life-changing outcomes from our students. We have dreamed of being able to accept more students at our school, which is why we made it a priority to show our support for this legislation. Thanks to the tax credit, we are able to expand our mission of ‘Restoring our community by developing educated, Godly young men and women who Love North Tulsa’ to even more students,” said Executive Director Philip Abode.

Many families are already seeing the benefits for their children as they are able to enroll in schools that meet their educational needs.

"Evergreen Academy has seen a huge increase in interest in our school since the tax credit opportunity became available. Many families with a student entering kindergarten through 9th grade have told me they have been following Evergreen for awhile, including some who had already taken a tour, but were previously unable to enroll. The tax credit is now making the education they feel is best for their child possible. We are thrilled to be growing and able to serve more children and families thanks to the Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit," said Matina Hunnell, Head of Evergreen Academy. 

For Jenny, an Oklahoma grandparent, the tax credit will help keep her granddaughter at her current school, which is the only school that effectively addresses her learning differences. Her grandchild’s father has disabilities and limited resources, so access to the tax credit will lessen the financial burden of private school and set her student up for success. 

For Jacee, an Oklahoma parent, the tax credit allows her children the ability to go to a small school and thrive. Her children initially struggled to focus on education when they experienced bullying, large class sizes, virtual learning and more distractions. Now, Jacee’s family feels lucky they have access to an alternative school that supports the students’ need for a different way to learn. 

“Fifty-nine percent of our families qualified for priority consideration. The Parental Choice Tax Credit is a tremendous blessing for these hard-working, middle income families, who desire a faith-based education for their children,” said Rhonda White, Head of the Eagle Point Christian Academy.  

In 2025, the funding cap for the program will increase to $200 million. 

Learn more about the Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit today, or reach out to the OPSA team with any questions. We’re here to help connect parents and guardians with the resources they need.

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