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We know you make a lifelong impact on the students you teach.


You’re helping them build a sturdy foundation for success.

One of your biggest frustrations is not being able to make the changes to Oklahoma schools that you’ve told us are needed. As teachers, you have tremendous insights into what our educational structures look like from within the classroom, and we’re honored to partner with you in our shared mission to improve Oklahoma’s educational landscape and provide the unique learning environments we know students need.


Our Educator Advisory Committee is one of the unique opportunities we have to gain educators’ valuable input – guiding our work and allowing us to elevate the voices of teachers on education issues to serve the needs of Oklahoma’s students better.

Interested in Joining EKCO's Educator Advisory Group?

Our group of educators meets monthly for a roundtable discussion about the needs of Oklahoma students and teachers, priorities for Oklahoma schools, and more.

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Do you have an idea for improving education in our state? Let us know! We welcome the voices of parents, teachers, students, and anyone passionate about Oklahoma education.

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